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Academic Courses

Academic Courses at Southside Technical Center

Students at Southside can complete academic courses alongside their technical courses to reach their graduation requirements for English and Math. Our academic schedule at Southside is a Hybrid Model: students participate in class on specific days of the week and complete the remaining requirements for their coursework online in Canvas. This schedule allows students to prioritize technical experience while at Southside while meeting the standards for their academic courses. Students are required to maintain a C grade in the course to utilize the hybrid model. Students take courses aligned with their Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).     

English/Language Arts

Clear and concise communication is vital to successful job performance in any field. Our courses offer students instruction aligned to meet the Kentucky Core Content for Academic Assessment and with opportunities to integrate reading and writing into their technical courses. In each English class, students complete the required units of study for each grade level, as they do in any high school. In addition to those units, students are encouraged to write about their technical courses in feature articles, editorials, narratives, newsletters, and proposals. Students learn about writing in the workplace by drafting various types of letters, and we practice workplace etiquette in emails and other forms of correspondence. 

Courses Offered: 

  • Advanced English I
  • Advanced English III
  • Advanced English IV 


Mathematics is very important in the world of work.  Having knowledge of mathematics and being able to apply the principles in a work-based setting is most important.  To prepare students for the workforce, we must provide them with high quality mathematics instruction and application for all industries our students will pursue after high school.  Students take courses aligned with their Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). 

Courses Offered: 

  • Advanced Geometry
  • Advanced Algebra II
  • Technical Math