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Canvas Guides

Secondary schools and programs (grades 6–12) use Canvas as their learning management system (LMS) or online classroom space. Teachers communicate information about class instruction and assignments through this platform. Students can access this space using their district email and password. Look for the link to Canvas in the “waffle” after students log in to their Google Drive. In addition, families can monitor their student’s progress using the Canvas Parent App for mobile devices.

Student introduction to Canvas
Illustrated document: Canvas Guide for Students 
Quick link: Student login for Canvas
Video: Student overview of Canvas
Video: Assignments overview
Video: Submitting assignments in Canvas
Video: Discussions overview
Video: Calendar overview
Presentation: When Google stops working in Canvas 
Part I: How to remove a Google Drive integration from Canvas 
Part II: How to remove a Canvas integration from Google Drive
Part III: How to register Google Drive within Canvas 

Family resources for Canvas
Illustrated document: Canvas Guide for Families
Illustrated document: Be Canvas Ready – tips for preparing your device to successfully access Canvas
Video: Parent pointers: Understanding your child’s Canvas account
Video: Canvas LMS for parents
Login: Access the Canvas parent site via a web browser
Video: Canvas Parent App (FCPS-specific directions)
Video: How students generate a pairing code for the Parent App 
Illustrated document: Turning on/off Canvas email notifications